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To request a refill, fill out the form below, noting that the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Do NOT include personal health or billing information. Check your medication label for the prescription number, making sure that refills are available for that prescription. We cannot issue refills unless your doctor has prescribed them. Refills will be available within 1 business day. A sample label is below to help you find your prescription number.

Rx Refill

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La Pharmacie Centre de Santé La Broquerie is owned and operated by Colette Dunlop. Please visit or contact us at :
89 rue Principale, La Broquerie Manitoba
Phone: 204-424-9977
Email : lapharmacie@pharmachoice.ca

Rx Refill

Save time by having us refill your prescriptions within 24 hours! to fill out the request form.

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